Interview – TOP10 Eminent Leaders in Healthcare 2020

Carsten Mahrenholz is ranked among the TOP Eminent Leaders in Healthcare 2020 by Insightscare Magazine.


Carsten Mahrenholz: Revolutionizing Healthcare Space through Innovative Medical Devices

Since a very young age, all of us have been acquainted with the art of science and fiction. From RoboCop to Alita: Battle Angel, the sci-fi space has impacted the world tremendously. At some point in time, we all have imagined creating a masterpiece that could help the common people. However, no one would have expected that one day, the love for sci-fi movies would lead to developing a medical device that will revolutionize the universe of healthcare.

Carsten Mahrenholz is one such real-life hero who is leading COLDPLASMATECH GmbH through his superpowers of delivering world-class medical devices.

Through this interview, Carsten unfolds the journey of COLDPLASMATECH.

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