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Every year, 5 million people in Germany suffer from extensive, chronic wounds such as diabetic foot syndrome, bedsores, leg ulcerations, as well as fungal infections and superinfections like those caused by severe burns. Patients‘ quality of life is heavily impacted as the healing process of these wounds is time-consuming, painful and expensive.

Driven by our passion to provide a new quality of life for those affected, we have invented and patented an innovative and effective treatment approach for wounds. Our specialists developed the Plasma- or CPTpatch, an active wound dressing that effectively treats wounds.

As the first company worldwide that uses the patented Active Glow technology, we enable a groundbreaking application that even combats multidrug resistance germs – without pain, covering large areas, quick and secure.

Wound infections – especially those caused by multi-resistant germs – are one of the most common complications for general wound healing, acute (burn) wounds as well as surgeries.

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Award-winning innovation

Due to the significant contribution of our CPTpatch to profoundly improve the lives of patients, we received more than 20 awards and prizes in the past, including the prestigious German Innovation Award in 2018.


Leading technology

Based on over 6 years of application-oriented research and development, we created a new way of treating wounds. The essence of our worldwide unique and patented Active Glow technology is cold plasma. Numerous studies have confirmed the positive effect of cold plasma on healing wounds and killing even multi-resistant germs.

Fast and without pain

The treatment with our active wound dressing takes only 2 minutes and is absolutely painfree. Initial results can often be seen after just a few days of treatment. The effects of cold plasma enables a lasting care for the damaged tissue.

Clinically proven

The outstanding effect and the safety of cold plasma have been confirmed in numerous studies and scientific publications.

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Easy to use

The CPTpatch was designed to meet the needs of patients and users. As a convenient and non-invasive treatment, it can be delegated and is even suitable for home care use in future.

Added value to healthcare

By using our technology, the costs of thousands of wound dressings, treatments and complication rates due to infections with multi-resistant bacteria can be dramatically reduced. This significantly eases the burden upon the healthcare system while increasing patient well-being.


Compared to traditional and other modern wound therapies, wounds can be better treated using our CPTpatches. Even infections caused by multi-resistant pathogens are treated locally. The health care system (both outpatient and clinical) thus realizes enormous savings and therefore health insurance companies can cover the cost of treatment.



The CPTpatch is a disposable, sterile, active wound dressing. CPTpatches are exclusively used in combination with the energy supply unit CPTcube. The CPTpatch has an atraumatic, self-adhesive border for an easy attachment to the area of application. During treatment, a physical plasma in the form of a purple glowing discharge is generated between the wound and the patient side of the CPTpatch.

The plasma converts the air within the defined volume between the CPTpatch and the wound surface into a physicallly active state. This is associated with the generation of alternating electric fields, light in the UV and infrared range, the formation of ions, and a slight increase in temperature. These components have an impact both on the whole skin-surface covered and in small pores, as well as skin depressions. The combination of these physical mechanisms results in an antimicrobial/antifungal effect of the physical plasma and stimulation of wound healing.

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About us

COLDPLASMATECH emerged as a spin-off out of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. in Greifswald, Germany.

The interdisciplinary team surrounding Tobias Güra and Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz combines scientific skills and technical know-how at the highest level.

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Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz
Dr. Carsten MahrenholzFounder / CEO
Biology / Chemistry / Economics
Tobias Güra
Tobias GüraFounder / COO
Medicine / Economics / Reimbursement
Greifswald Business Award, University Club
Leibniz Gründerpreis, Leibniz Gemeinschaft
Abgeordneter, YL Gesundheitsparlament


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COLDPLASMATECH entwickelt die erste aktive Wundauflage (Plasma-Patch) zur Behandlung chronischer Wunden mittels kaltem, physikalischem Plasma.

3 days ago

Wir heilen nicht nur Wunden, sondern wie im Fall unserer Patientin Frau Framke schenken wir Lebensqualität!Sie erzählt, wie Sie durch die Verordnung der "CPT Kaltplasmatherapie" wieder zurück in Ihr aktives und normales Leben gekommen ist.Ihre chronische Wunde konnte nach wenigen Wochen verschlossen werden und die Leidenszeit von mehr als 6 Jahren!!! wurde beendet. Wir setzen darauf, dass Patienten Ihre Ärzte:in ansprechen, dass Angehörige dafür sorgen, dass die Therapie verordnet wird und dass Ärzte und Anwender sichdamit auseinandersetzen, wie sie Wunden nicht mehr nur versorgen, sondern heilen!Chronische Wunden müssen nicht mehr sein! Acht Wochen sind genug - nicht versorgen, sondern heilen ist unser Ansatz #wundrebell #chronischewunden #achtwochensindgenug #coldplasmatech #cptpatch #wirrevolutionierenwundbehandlung ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Bits & Pretzels München:Advancing healthcare through new alliancesOn 29–30 June 2022, the first annual Bits & Pretzels HealthTech Conference will take place at ICM Munich. Don’t miss when the best founders, startups, and scaleups invite all other players in the healthcare ecosystem to join them in forging new alliances that will shape a healthier future.Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz - "In the Spotlight" 30.06.2022 13:50 - 14:05Save the Date !The story of our foundation: The baby "Coldplasmatech" - challenges, fun, vision, message and goals. we are proud of our CEO.#bitsandpretzels2022 #bitsandpretzels #drcarstenmahrenholz #storyofsuccess #coldplasmatech #ihaveadream#chronischewunden ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Verstärkung bei CPT - ein neuer „Office Angel“ - Diana! Gemeinsam mit Anne sorgt sie für reibungslose Abläufe, Support für unsere #cptplasmakompetenzzentren etc. aber auch für gute Laune. Schön, dass Du da bist und mit uns im Kampf gegen chronische Wunden antrittst. YES !! ❤️🥰#cptplasmakompetenzzentren #wirrevolutionierenwundbehandlung #cptcubes #pflegstdunochoderheilstduschon #wundrebell #plasmakompetenzzentrum #coldplasmatech ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Unsere Werksstudentin „Vreni“ sorgt dafür, dass Eure T-Shirt Bestellungen aus der “Be A Rebel“ Kollektion versendet werden. Wir freuen uns, dass sich jeden Tag neue #Wundrebellen unserer #Wundrevolution anschließen und #chronischenWunden den Kampf ansagen! Wenn Ihr auch ein Shirt haben möchtet - schreibt uns an 🤩🤩 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Welcome Lars Kaland im Team der Wundrebellen! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Du gemeinsam mit uns die #wundbehandlung revolutionieren wirst! Heute erst einmal Einarbeitung in die „Geheimnisse“ der #coldplasmatherapie. Schön, dass Du da bist. Viel Spaß und Erfolg!!! 💛👍🙏 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Heute hatten wir die Gelegenheit endlich einem der geheimen Labore von #coldplasmatech einen Besuch abzustatten. Das ist Richard, der gerade dafür sorgt, dass die neuen #cptcubes getestet und mit dem höchsten Qualitätssiegel das Haus verlassen um Patienten mit #chronischenwunden wieder neue Lebensqualität zu schenken. DANKE Richard, dass Du da bist und mit sehr viel Spaß und Engagement chronischen Wunden den Kampf ansagst. Eben ein echter #wundrebell 🥰🤩😎#wirrevolutionierenwundbehandlung #plasmakompetenzzentrum #wirrevolutionierenwundbehandlung #pflegstdunochoderheilstduschon #happypatienten #cptpatch #coldplasmatech #behindthescenes ... See MoreSee Less
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